Mom’s Writing the Posts – Our Intro

So, I’m Ronan’s Mom, and we have an etsy site ( where we sell his artwork.  I had a site with my own work, but when i stuck on a few art cards that Ronan drew, they outsold my stuff!  lol  So, here we are with our blog now.  Here’s a little about my boy…

Ronan was given a diagnosis on the autism spectrum at a very early age.  One of the first things we noticed that led us to seek medical care was Ronan’s obsession with “drawing”.  Long before he could grasp a writing instrument, he would take one finger and “draw” in the air with it. 
When he started speaking at around the age of two, we realized that he had decoded the alphabet and could read!  He was drawing letters in the air.  Not only could he read, he knew how to count and add/subtract, recognized all 50 states with capitals, memorized the entire map of Africa and could locate most countries on a globe, knew many words in about 10 foreign languages, recognized all shapes, including a parallelogram (and could spell it!) etc. etc.

We taught him how to hold crayons and paint brushes, and off he went creating beautiful paintings and drawings. His latest passion is photography. 

He is a very talented little boy, but believe me, autism holds many challenges that he has to face every day.  He works extremely hard at the simplest things, like speech, relating to his peers and sorting out sensory difficulties.

He loves his art, and he loves seeing it on the computer! 

He is learning a skill he is passionate about, and he is also giving back.  We donate 20% of our sales to autism research!

So, that’s the start! 

Our First Blog!

We are just testing the format right now!  More to come later!